Rev-FB-PersonalI am 26 years old. While this site is kindly open to all, my dear hope is that my fellow Generation Y’ers are most engaged. Though we are young (and often unruly), we are the future of how healthcare can be more effectively delivered around the globe.

My background — After growing up in Houston, I moved to Philadelphia to study Finance and Healthcare Management at Wharton. Post-undergrad, I moved to the Bay Area to work in healthcare consulting at McKinsey. After a year of traveling and working around the country in AMCs, non-profit and for-profit hospitals, I made the decision to move to India and work for a young hospital project there (check out Continental Hospitals).

In India, I had the privilege to further learn how hospitals work from the inside out. While I observed considerable cultural differences in how things operated there compared to what I saw in the US, the similarities resonated more to me.

Realizing the growth potential for our hospital, I spent most of my time and focus in the department working with international patients — patients that traveled from abroad to our hospital because they couldn’t get it or it was too expensive in their home country. I quickly learned how the medical travel industry works — how hospitals work with patients traveling from abroad, the pain points for hospitals in marketing their services to international patients, the challenges for patients to learn about their global healthcare options and more.

This experience inspired me to move back to the US and start a venture called Navigation Health aimed to address the challenges encountered by both patients and providers during the medical travel experience.

I’m passionate about and continue to learn every day how healthcare delivery works from an operational standpoint, a business standpoint and a cultural standpoint.

I hope this blog will serve as a forum to share my thoughts, to be challenged and to foster discourse around the fascinating world of healthcare.


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