Giving Thanks

Physician holding hand of a patient at Continental Hospitals in Hyderabad, India

Physicians and healthcare workers can be life savers and miracle workers. I wanted to take this time to thank them for their service: sincere props.

This post is coming later than I wanted to but better late than never… it was Thanksgiving last week, personally, my favorite holiday of the year. It’s one of the few holidays when families are encouraged to reunite, even if it means a trip across the country, and celebrate the state of love, togetherness and good health. We celebrate this holiday with our aunts, brothers, children, cousins, grandparents, parents, sisters and uncles, among other dear family and friends.

Whether your family is large or small, it’s almost certain that someone sitting at the table that day (maybe you) had played the role of “patient” in our healthcare ecosystem. It’s my hope that you or your loved one were treated well by the physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers through what may have perhaps been an emotional experience.

Though it’s a week later than the more opportune time, I wanted to encourage us all to give thanks to or even just reflect on those we know working in or pursuing careers in the field of healthcare delivery. We can debate to the end about Obamacare, healthcare rights and the like, but it’s hard to argue that those who dedicate their lives to bettering and saving the lives of ours, our family and our friends don’t deserve our recognition and respect.

And yes, as with any large group, there’s sure to be a few questionable individuals – those who are wrongly motivated, uninspired or god forbid, harmful. But I’ll take this time to vouch for the overwhelming majority – the root of their motivations stems from a desire to help.

Here it is from me: sincere props.